Copper Work & Sheet Metal

Metal roofing panels and metal flashing components provide water shedding capabilities for sloped roof assemblies. Metal flashings are used in the construction of water-proofing assemblies, such as flat roof systems, to protect vulnerable areas such as walls, parapet caps, and other roof accessories. This metal work is custom crafted for each unique space, and then brought to site for field installation.
Most commonly used in shingle applications and flat roofing assemblies are pre-painted galvanized steel flashings. Proper installation can involve inter-locking metal profiles through the use of slip locked joints, and standing lock seams.











Structural Metal Roofing is pre-fabricated steel roof panels which can be utilized for sloped roofing or wall cladding on shopping plazas, or the curtain walls of apartment buildings. These panels are constructed in various gauges and come in a variety of factory applied paint finishes. Various profiles are available, having a ribbed or boxed panel design to provide structural rigidity.


Architectural Metal Work including cupolas, roof domes, bay window roofs, finials, rain ware, and various styles of sloped roof assemblies, use copper and leaded copper most frequently. They are also typically mated to roof systems such as slate and cedar because of their inherent ability to last for over a century without functional corrosion. The initial investment in copper is considerable when compared to standard metal offerings. However, it proves more cost effective over time, due to a considerably longer life-cycle.