The protective granular surface of shingles wears off as the asphalt, into which the granules are embedded begins to harden over time. Bare spots are often accompanied by fine fissures on the shingles surface and by accumulation of granules in gutters.














The upward curling of shingle tabes makes them highly susceptible to wind and ice damage. This is a problem on older roofs where moisture build up in attic affects the underside of shingle.

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Damage can be caused by extreme wind conditions and snow removal. Since shingles are supposed to shed water, broken, torn or missing tabs become obvious entry points for water. These entry points leaking is more common on low slope roofs where run-off is slower and at peaks of the roof where shingles are the most vulnerable to high winds.



This is the curling under the shin gles tab’s bottom edge and is part of the  normal aging process for shingles. The bulge created is susceptible to sustainable damage by wind, hail or ice.

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Buckling is a visible distortion or waviness in the horizontal lines of shingles, and usually runs in a straight line up the roof slope. Shingle tabs become exposed to wind and can be torn off.














Many problems occur at the flashings and around vents, soil stacks, chimneys and vertical wall joints. Is the caulking cracked? Has it separated from brick? Are the shingles the lie around flashing in good shape?

Copper By Design Chimney CapsRoof-repair-leaking-chimney-flashing-Toronto-roofing













Moss growing on any roof surface will be more severe on roof sections that area shaded and exposed to periodically damp cool weather conditions.The presence or absence of much sunlight on a roof surface is often a determining factor in the amount of moss or lichens growth (more sun, less moss and lichens. When shade and cool moist conditions combine, moss or lichens growth on a roof surface is more likely.  Moss and lichens are more than a cosmetic issue on many kinds of roofing materials – asphalt shingles, roll roofing, wood shingle roofs, wood shake roofs. By holding moisture against the roof surface lichens but more so moss speed the wear of the asphalt shingle surface in freezing climates by increasing frost damage to the mineral granule coating on the shingles.

Toronto Roofing-Algae Growth-shingle moss growth 1Toronto Roofing-Algae Growth-shingle moss growth












The holes that raccoons, squirrels and other animals make in your roof can let in rain and snow, which leads to water damage and dangerous mold in your roof sheathing and attic. Birds often nest in soffits and chimneys, blocking your home’s ventilation. Pigeon droppings can also discolour and damage your roof. Odours and disease can spread through your home when animals defecate in your attic. Electrical wires chewed by animals can cause fires, while damaged insulation makes your home less comfortable to live in and raises your cooling and heating bills.